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Vitamin B12 to Lose Weight

does b12 make you lose weight

For many years, it has been accepted that the maintenance and monitoring of bodily functions is affected positively by vitamin B12. This vitamin is of the water soluble variety, and is crucial for higher brain and nervous system function, and blood formation. In the body, there are eight B vitamins to be found, this is one of them. It is also needed to make DNA which is genetic material found in all cells and it is also needed for energy production. This vitamin is used in many of the usual lotions and creams that are intended for anti-ageing, B12 is replaced since having a depleted amount of it makes skin look older. There are many alternatives to getting your B12, either the pure topical form, as part of anti-aging creams, or by injection.

People noticed that Vitamin B12 was correlated to weight loss, this was unexpected. 

Vitamin B12 does not cause weight loss. It is know to improve the body's metabolism, which in turn, will assist someone who has weight loss as an ambition. Metabolizing proteins and fats is a main function of B12. Once it does so, your body will receive enough energy to perform more physical activities, which will then help you lose weight. Another connection between Vitamin B12 and weight loss is that the vitamin helps your body from gaining weight quickly. Vitamin B12 deficiencies have been linked in studies that show that those who lack this vitamin are more likely to be obese, due to their energy insufficiencies.

Another advantage of injectable B12 is that stress levels are reported to be reduced. If you're in good shape, feel healthy and balanced and have no lack of energy then taking the B12 effects may be minimal. However if you are feeling run down, then a B12 shot may just be the thing to help give you a boost.

Vitamin B12 is of course found in nature, and eating foods containing it will be advantageous, but for major weight loss effects, this is not going to be enough to make a huge difference. As such, most people prefer to take Vitamin B12 injections in order to boost their metabolism, as the nutrients will be absorbed by the body more effectively as compared to pills. In most cases, it's every 2 or 4 weeks that the injections are delivered, but each patient and physician can work out the timing that is best in an individual's case.

Is it Safe?

It's a good idea to consult with a doctor before you get this treatment so you can be sure that your health won't be put at risk because of the shots.

In some cases, B12 injections can have side effects, like other kinds of injection procedures. Nausea, vomiting, headaches, diarrhea, palpitations, and pain near the area of injection are reported occasionally.

Frankly speaking, the shots give a tremendous boost of energy. Exercise is typically much easier to endure and recover from after treatments, this and the added confidence from this can promote better diet choices also. It also helps to fight stress and depression, symptoms which are sometimes associated with weight gain.


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